Forthcoming exhibitions

06.02.14 to 15.03.14 'Designing with Nature' - Solo exhibition of Exploration's work at the Architecture Foundation, London

Forthcoming talks by Exploration

22.01.14 Keynote speech by Michael Pawlyn at Material Xperience Seminar, Rotterdam

21.02.14 Keynote speech by Michael Pawlyn at AllDesign, Istanbul

05.03.14 Keynote speech by Michael Pawlyn at Resource - Realising the oportunities of a circular economy

Past talks by Exploration
20.11.13 Keynote speech at re.comm, Kitzbuhel, Austria
14.10.13 Keynote speech at Oslo design week, Norway
12.09.13 Keynote speech at Raffdesign week, Bergen, Norway
11.07.13 Evening talk as part of the Biospheric Project, Manchester
29.05.13 ‘Biomimicry in Architecture’ book talk in Machynlleth
27.05.13 Evening talk at the Aberystwyth Science Café
15-16.05.13 Keynote speech at the 5th Velux Daylight Symposium, Copenhagen
10-12.04.13 Keynote speech (by video-link) at the International Federation of Landscape Architects Congress 2013, Auckland, New Zealand
26-27.11.12 Workshop and keynote speech at 'Sustainability through Biomimicry' Conference, University of Dammam
24.10.12 Biomimicry lecture at the University of Colorado Denver College of Architecture and Planning
27.09.12 Biomimicry and the Ecological Age (Lignacite Lecture), Royal College of Physicians
30.08.12 Keynote speech at Biomimicry Europe Innovation & Finance Summit, Zurich
30.07.11 Teaching at ETH Zurich Summer School 2011 'Eating Tomorrow'
04.05.12 Keynote speech at CEDA conference, Heythrop Park Resort, Oxfordshire
17.04.12 Keynote speech at Technoport Conference, Trondheim, Norway 
22.03.12 Exploration to chair 'Sustainable design inspired by nature' at EcoBuild, London Excel
24.10.11 Keynote speech at Nordic Architecture fair, Stockholm
20.10.11 Keynote speech at Workplace Trends Conference, Royal College of Physicians, London
29.09.11 'Biomimicry in Architecture' Book launch talk at the RSA London
28.09.11 Keynote speech at Greenfest 11 in Portugal
30.07.11 Teaching at ETH Zurich Summer School 2011 'All Just Rubbish'
20.06.11 - 22.06.11 Biomimicry Course at Schumacher College
16.06.11 Keynote speech at Bellona Foundation's 25th Anniversary Conference
01.06.11 'Biomimicry - A New Paradigm' at Adidas HQ, Herzogenaurauch
19.05.11 Keynote speech at Discovery Conference, Toronto
12.05.11 Keynote speech at Solarlux launch event, Welwyn Garden City
14.04.11 'Biomimicry - A New Paradigm' at 'Risken und Chancen' event, Interlaken
05.04.11 Visioning workshop with major property client, Oslo
02.03.11 'Nature's grand designs' session at Ecobuild, UKGBC Big Green tent
09.02.11 Keynote speech at 'Architecture & Construction Innovation', PLACE, Belfast
08.12.10 Biomimicry talk at RCA's 'Human Nature' event with John Elkington and John Grant
11.11.10 RIBA Climate Change Lecture at The Bartlett, University College London
04.11.10 'Back to Nature' in association with W.I.R.E and ETH, 6.30pm Theatre les Salons, Geneva
02.11.10 Biomimicry and three big trransformations talk at TED Salon, London
20.10.10 Keynote speech at Built Environment Solutions in Birmingham
08.10.10 Keynote speech  at Biomimicry NL, Eidnhoven
07.10.10 After-dinner speech at Excel Publishing Awards, Manchester
07.10.10 Lunchtime lecture at The Athenaeum
13.07.10 Chaired session on Urban Design at the Global Business of Biodiversity Symposium
09.07.10 Exploration presented concept work on Plastiki boat at HTD Circle in Zurich
16.06.10 Forum for the Future event with Jonathan Porritt, Franny Armstrong and Lord Puttnam
25.05.10 Biomimicry workshop at RBG Kew with BCI and the Kew Innovation Unit
21.04.10 RIBA Climate Change Lecture, Brighton University
24.03.10 RIBA Climate Change Lecture, Sheffield Hallam University
17.03.10 RIBA Climate Change Lecture, Oxford Brookes University
12.03.10 RIBA Climate Change Lecture, London South Bank University
11.03.10 RIBA Climate Change Lecture, Newcastle University
10.03.10 RIBA Climate Change Lecture, Scott Sutherland University
03.03.10 Exploration chaired a biomimicry event at Ecobuild 2010
25.02.10 Keynote speech at Ambius product launch event
10.02.10 RIBA Climate Change Lecture, Manchester University 
28.01.10 RIBA Climate Change Lecture, UWE Bristol
22.01.10 RIBA Climate Change Lecture, Cambridge University
25.01.10 AIA Biomimicry talk at Herman Miller, 61 Aldwych
08.01.10 In conversation with artists Ackroyd & Harvey, Royal Academy
25.11.09 Designs for the Plastiki Expedition, National Geographic store, London
22.10.09 Biomimicry workshop at the ICIS Centre in Copenhagen
08.10.09 'With and Against Nature' (part of 'Radical Nature') event organised by the Architecture Foundation
07.10.09 Keynote speech at the '21st Century Water' conference at Oxford University
23.09.09 Exploration curated a biomimicry day at Greengaged at The Design Council
18.09.09 Keynote speech at 'Designing the Happy City'  as part of the Liverpool Biennial
11.09.09 Keynote speech at the 'Living the City' conference at Plymouth University
06.09.09 The Do Lectures
13.08.09 Biomimicry workshop as part of the 'Radical Nature Exhibition' 
08-12.06.09 Biomimicry: Nature as mentor, model and measure, at Schumacher College, Devon, UK
27.05.09 Talk at the Guardian Hay Festival 
21.05.09 Michael Pawlyn opposed Bjorn Lomborg at the BCO Conference, Edinburgh, UK
14.05.09 Biomimicry talk at Cambridge University
29.04.09 RIBA Climate Change Lecture, University of the Creative Arts
29.04.09 Anna Maria Orru spoke at Cal Poly Pomona, Pomona, CA, USA
23.04.09 Anna Maria Orru spoke at Arcosanti in association with Ecosa Institute, Las Vegas, NV, USA
21.04.09 Anna Maria Orru spoke at the UNLV, Las Vegas, NV, USA
20.04.09 Anna Maria Orru spoke at the Ball State University, Muncie, IN, USA
17.04.09 Anna Maria Orru spoke at the University of Idaho, Moscow, ID, USA
02.04.09 Anna Maria Orru spoke at the UO Hopes Conference 2009, Eugene, OR, USA
01.04.09 RIBA Climate Change Lecture, Kingston University
24.03.09 Keynote speech at 'Breaking New Ground: The IHub Exemplar'
19.03.09 RIBA Climate Change Lecture, Portsmouth University
18.03.09 RIBA Climate Change Lecture, Lincoln University
13.03.09 RIBA Climate Change Lecture, Northumbria University
12.03.09 RIBA Climate Change Lecture, University of Huddersfield
12.03.09 Keynote speech at the 4x4 Making Places 2009 Debate, Leeds, UK
09.03.09 Biomimicry talk at the Danish Architecture Centre
06.03.09 Anna Maria Orru spoke at Imperial College - Dept of Civil and Environmental Engineering,
06.03.09 Biomimicry talk at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture
04.03.09 RIBA Climate Change Lecture, Plymouth University
26.02.09 RIBA Climate Change Lecture, Birmingham City University
12.02.09 The RIBA Climate Change Lecture Series, Liverpool University
11.02.09 RIBA Climate Change Lecture, Queens University Belfast
10.02.09 RIBA Climate Change Lecture, Mackintosh School of Architecture
2008 A Walk in the Jungle, talk by Anna Maria Orru, ATAP, London, UK
2008 Desertec-CSP & The Sahara Forest Project, Conway Hall, London, UK
2008 Biomimicry: New Directions in Sustainable Design, Schumacher College, Devon, UK
2008 Embodied Energy: The Plastiki Expedition, London Festival of Architecture 2008
2007 An Architecture of Water Purification, International Symposium, Berching, Germany
2007 Architecture & Industrial Ecology, Royal Geographical Society, London
2007 Architecture Inspired by Nature, Google Zeitgeist Annual Conference
2007 Community based opportunities, talk by Anna Maria Orru, Eco-Build 2007, London UK
2006 Delivering Sustainable Design, talk by Michael Pawlyn, Ecobuild 2006, Earls Court, London
2005 A new paradigm for business, talk by Michael Pawlyn at the RSA with Ray Anderson (CEO Interface), London UK
2005 An Architecture of Waste, Ecobuild 2005, Earls Court, London
2004 The Eden Project, RIBA Conference: Tomorrow's World, Earls Court, London
2002 Eden, Architecture & the Environment, The Architecture of the Sun Conference, Capri, Italy
2001 Going Green, Royal Institute of Scottish Architects Seminar, Edinburgh, Scotland
2000 The Eden Project, EGGA Conference, Berlin, Germany