The Plastiki Expedition

The Plastiki Expedition is a bold adventure that aims to capture the world's imagination and draw our attention to the state of our oceans
The proposal is to build a boat from plastic bottles and recycled materials, which will then be sailed across the Pacific Ocean from North America to Australia.

The four month voyage will see The Plastiki pass through a number of environmentally sensitive regions. The most notable of which has been ominously named the 'Eastern Garbage Patch', a region six times the size of the United Kingdom where vast quantities of plastic pollution have accumulated because of the currents.

The boat will be designed as a response to the problem that plastics present. The design also aims to be completely self-contained in terms of its energy generation, fresh water creation and waste treatment.

The title of the project refers to Thor Heyerdal's Kontiki Expedition undertaken in 1947. In the same way that the Kontiki Expedition challenged existing assumptions about past civilisations, it is intended that The Plastiki Expedition will change attitudes towards the world's oceans, the whole idea of waste and the increasingly unacceptable reality of pollution.

Client - Adventure Ecology
Architect - Exploration
Naval Architect - Andrew Dovell
Structural Engineer - Atelier One
Materials Consultant - Arup