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Flourish Systems Change Podcast

What will it take to restore balance to our world for future generations’ survival? 

In this timely new podcast, two spirited thinkers, Sarah Ichioka and Michael Pawlyn, discuss a bold set of regenerative design principles, drawn from natural and cultural wisdom with change agents from around the world. The Flourish Systems Change podcast offers ideas and solutions for designers, clients and inhabitants alike to build a thriving future, together.

Michael is the founder of Exploration Architecture and a leading architect in regenerative design, based in London, and Sarah is an urbanist, strategist and director of Desire Lines, based in Singapore.

The Flourish Systems Change Podcast is available here and at your favourite podcast platform.

Our guests include - renegade economist, Kate Raworth, Drawdown director, Crystal Chissell, Ubuntu scholar, Professor James Ogude, author and activist, Jeremy Lent;.

Coming soon … Systems Change agents, Sumi Dhanarajan and Anna Biswas from Forum for the Future; Long Time philosopher, Roman Krznaric and climate justice advocate from Powershift Nepal, Sagarika Bhatta


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Presenters Sarah Ichioka & Michael Pawlyn

Audio producer & composer Tobias Withers

Producers Kelly Hill (London)

Shireen Marican (Singapore)

Research & production assistant Yi Shien Sim