Exploration Architecture


Designing With Nature



Exploration Architecture was invited by The Architecture Foundation to design the first solo exhibition of our work in Central London. We presented four projects - The Biomimetic Office, The Mountain Data Centre, The Sahara Forest Project and The BioRock Pavilion -  together with a large collection of biological specimens that have inspired our work.

The over-arching aim was to convey the breadth that biomimicry offers as a design discipline – from radically rethinking existing building types to envisioning new concepts and innovative approaches to addressing the major challenges of our age.

The projects were displayed on 3D printed tables, designed using SKO software – a computer programme based on the adaptive growth patterns of trees and bones. The tables demonstrated the potential that 3D printing offers in achieving radical increases in resource efficiency.


Four specially made films - available on the Architecture Foundation’s Vimeo channel - about each project in the show offer further insights into our design approach. Wall displays described a wide variety of biomimetic solutions that have been applied in architecture and other fields of design.



Client / co-curator – The Architecture Foundation
Architect / co-curator – Exploration
Headline sponsor – Interface
In-kind sponsors – Ultimaker, Lukas Oehmigan
Film producer – Kelly Hill Photography
Lighting consultant – Michael Grubb Studio