Exploration Architecture


Beuys’ Acorns at Bloomberg Arcade

Beuys’ Acorns at the Bloomberg Arcade was a collaboration with artists Ackroyd & Harvey.

A selection of fifty two oak trees, grown by Ackroyd & Harvey from acorns collected from Joseph Beuys’ 7000 Oaks artwork, form the centrepiece of the installation. Raised on tripods and connected with an umbilical cord of irrigation tubes to a water bowser, the trees were illuminated by a powerful Growlight.

The theatrical air of the installation alludes to an unspecified emergency and raises questions about our relationship with the living world. Can our current anthropocentric paradigm be reimagined to allow a more respectful co-evolution of humans within the web of ecological systems?

Architect – Exploration Architecture
Artists – Ackroyd & Harvey
Client – Bloomberg
Project Team - Harry Hawkins, Max Masters, Fin Johnson, Kelly Hill, Michael Pawlyn

Photos Kelly Hill