Sahara Forest Pilot Project on site in Qatar
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Sahara Forest Project Pilot Facility - first harvest in Qatar coincides with the start oCOP18

New web-page for the Sahara Forest Pilot Project - also featured on WiredNew Scientist and Inhabitat


How can architects build a new world of sustainable beauty? By learning from nature. At TEDSalon in London, Michael Pawlyn describes three habits of nature that could transform architecture and society: radical resource efficiency, closed loops, and drawing energy from the sun.

Exploration Architecture in the news
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Bionic Boxes, gannaca

Biomimicry: Biology inspires innovation, Nesta, HotTopics, July 2012

The Sahara Forest Project Signs Agreement to Build a Pilot Project in Qatar, Inhabitat, February 2012

Giant desert greenhouse inspired by camel's nostrils, by Duncan Graham Rowe, New Scientist, February 2012

Sahara Forest Project pilot to be built in Qatar, by Katie Scott for WIRED Magazine, February 2012

Biomimicry in architecture and the start of the Ecological Age, by Katie Scott for WIRED Magazine, February 2012

Qatar Pilot Project, Launching the Sahara Forest Project, 'A very spectacular and potentially important project'. National Geographic, February 2012

Biomimicry is the next great architectural movement, says Michael Pawlyn, and our best answer to the demands of the Ecological Age. Architecture Today, December 2011, The Editor's Blog, Q&A, Michael Pawlyn, Architect/Biomimicist

Lessons of Design learned from Nature, The Economist, November 2011

Restoring the urban-rural relationship, by Michael Pawlyn, Land in Sight, Rural Feature, ABSTRACT, Ideas, Facts and Fictions, No 1, 2011

Architect Michael Pawlyn shows how nature offers a sourcebook of extraordinary design solutions to equip us for the challenges of building a sustainable future RSA Events, September 2011

Biomimicry in architecture, by Michael Pawlyn, NBS, July 2011

Biomimicry Solutions, by Michael Pawlyn, DIPLOMAT, June 2011

Plastiki Expedition boat by Exploration Architecture for Adventure Ecologydezeen magazine, July 2010

High-Tech Energy "Oasis" to Bloom in the Desert?  by Christine Dell'Amore, National Geographic News, January 2010

"Energy Oases" to Green the World's Deserts?  National Geographic News, January 2010

Biomimicry Course at Schumacher College 2009
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Michael Pawlyn to teach at Schumacher College with Dayna Baumeister, Co-Founder of the Biomimicry Guild with Janine Benyus, on Biomimicry: Nature as mentor, model and measure.

Michael Pawlyn debate with Bjorn Lomborg at the BCO conference, Edinburgh UK
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Michael Pawlyn debate with Bjorn Lomborg at the BCO conference, Edinburgh UK. 
Michael Pawlyn, founder of architectural practice Exploration, delivered this robust response to Bjorn Lomborg at the BCO's 2009 Conference. Speaking after Lomborg in a plenary session titled 'Greenpoint or greenwash: The environment in a recession', Pawlyn methodically dismantled the Lomborg analysis and exposed the questionable use of statistics.  The Exploration team had carefully prepared for the debate through extensive research.  The talk is in three parts:
Michael Pawlyn debate with Bjorn Lomborg at BCO conference

Bjorn Lomborg did not consent to his presentation being filmed so, anyone unfamiliar with his arguments can view the first half of this 'Authors at Google' talk that he gave in September 2007 or his shorter talk on . A transcript of the Q&A can be accessed by clicking here.

Exploration is a Cultural Standout says director of the Architecture Foundation
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Exploration was one of the cultural stand-outs for 2008 according to Sarah Ichioka, Director of the Architecture Foundation.  Please see BD article 'The Year in Review; Works/Culture Review 2008'

Exploration Article in Spanish Publication 'La Razon'
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Article about The Sahara Forest Project and its potential in Spain.
La Razon 23.11.08

Exploration article in The West Australian
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Article about The Sahara Forest Project and its potential in the Nullarbor.
The West Australian 24.11.08

Schumacher Course published in Treehugger
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A synopsis on the results from the Schumacher Course published on Treehugger.
Three articles are listed below:
Lessons in Biomimicry - Part 1: Natural Forms
Lessons in Biomimicry - Part 2: Natural Systems
Lessons in Biomimicry - Part 3: Natural Processes

Exploration article in Sustain Magazine
(posted on 03/10/2008 @ 10:16:02)
Michael Pawlyn's article on 'The forces of Nature', published in Sustain Magazine (volume 09 issue 05 2008)

Exploration article in the Guardian newspaper
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Sahara Forest project published in the guardian newspaper.

Exploration article on Treehugger
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Sahara Forest project published on Treehugger.

Michael Pawlyn Teaches at Schumacher College 2008
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Michael Pawlyn to teach on 'Biomimicry-New Directions in Sustainable Design' course at Schumacher College. 

The Plastiki Expedition
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Exploration continues work on The Plastiki Expedition boat - more
Michael Pawlyn to speak at the london Festival of Architecture on 15 July, 2008
Please refer to link below for further information: